Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 9


Educate Men for Business

You may load on one man the care and burden which should be divided among several, but you will gain nothing by this. Men should be educated as business men. Experience is of value. You work at great disadvantage when you suppose that because one man can fill a certain position, he is qualified to fill several positions. SpTA09 64.2

There is great necessity of selecting men as students, to learn rapidly all they can in business lines of education. This line of work is essential, and those who do the business in the work of God are not to assume responsibilities which they suppose themselves capable of bearing. Those who carry the responsibilities of the work have erred in allowing persons to be placed as managers of financial matters, when there was the best of evidence that these persons had not tact nor ability for the position. SpTA09 64.3

The case of Daniel, portrayed in a very limited manner by the prophetic pencil, has a lesson for us. It reveals the fact that a business man is not necessarily a sharp, policy man. He can be a man instructed of God at every step. Daniel, while prime minister of the kingdom of Babylon, was a prophet of God, receiving the light of heavenly inspiration. Worldly, ambitious statesmen are represented in the word of God as the grass that groweth up, and as the flower of the grass that fadeth. Yet the Lord would have intelligent men in his work, men qualified for the various lines of work. SpTA09 65.1

Especially are business men needed, not irreligious business men, but those who will weave the great, grand principles of truth into all their business transactions. Men who have qualifications for the work need to have their talents exercised and perfected by most thorough study and training. Not one business man that has any appointment in the work need to be a novice. If men in any line of work need to improve their opportunities to become wise, efficient business men, it is those who are using their ability in the work of building up the kingdom of God in our world. SpTA09 65.2

The lessons for the present time are for all to understand, but they are very feebly appreciated. There should be greater thoroughness in labor; and more vigilant waiting, more vigilant watching and praying, and more vigilant working, in prospect of the events now taking place, and which are swelling to larger importance as we near the close of this earth's history. The human agent is to reach for perfection, to be an ideal Christian, complete in Jesus Christ. SpTA09 65.3