Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 9


Chapter 6—Ministers and Business Matters

November 27, 1896.

I was awakened at half past eleven o'clock. Matters of importance had been presented to me. I was in an assembly consisting of a number of our people who had the burden of the work upon them. They were laying out work for the future, consulting as to how the work could be managed in the most successful manner. ----- was explaining his plan, and that which he desired to have accomplished, and several others had matters to present for consideration. Finances were the great burden of some, and they were studying how to limit the workers, and yet realize all the results essential. One brother had spoken in reference to plans for his part of the moral vineyard. Then there stood among us One with dignity and authority, who proceeded to state principles for our guidance. I have strength to write only a few points, although the things suggested affected me deeply. SpTA09 63.1

To several the Speaker said: “Your work is not the management of financial matters. It is not wise for you to undertake this. God has burdens for you to bear; but if your attention is called to lines for which you are not adapted, your efforts will not prove successful. This will bring upon you discouragement that will disqualify you for the very work you should do, which requires a discriminating mind, and deep, unselfish judgment.” SpTA09 63.2