Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


First Visit to Michigan

At Jackson, Mich., we found the church in great confusion. While I was among them, the Lord instructed me regarding their condition, and I endeavored to bear a straightforward testimony. Some refused to heed the counsel given, and began to fight against my testimony; and here began what later became known as the Messenger party. LS 149.2

Concerning our labor on this tour among the companies of Sabbath-keeping believers in Michigan, I wrote as follows in a letter dated June 23, 1853: LS 149.3

“While in Michigan we visited Tyrone, Jackson, Sylvan, Bedford, and Vergennes. My husband in the strength of God endured the journey and his labor well. Only once did his strength entirely fail him. He was unable to preach at Bedford. He went to the place of meeting, and stood up in the desk to preach, but became faint and was obliged to sit down. He asked Elder J. N. Loughborough to take the subject where he had left it, and finish the discourse. Then he went out of the house into the open air, and lay upon the green grass until he had somewhat recovered, when Brother Kelsey let him take his horse, and he rode alone one mile and a half to Brother Brooks's. LS 149.4

“Brother Loughborough went through with the subject with much freedom. All were interested in the meeting. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon me, and I had perfect freedom in bearing my testimony. The power of God was in the house, and nearly every one present was affected to tears. Some took a decided stand for the truth. LS 149.5

“After the meeting closed we rode through the woods to a beautiful lake, where six were buried with Christ in baptism. We then returned to Brother Brooks's, and found my husband more comfortable. While alone that day, his mind had been exercised upon the subject of Spiritualism, and he there decided to write the book entitled ‘Signs of the Times.’ LS 150.1

“Next day we journeyed to Vergennes, traveling over rough log ways and sloughs. Much of the way I rode in nearly a fainting condition; but our hearts were lifted to God in prayer for strength, and we found Him a present help, and were able to accomplish the journey, and bear our testimony there.” LS 150.2