Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


The Pioneers of the Message

In one of her communications to the brethren assembled in General Conference in 1913, Mrs. White referred to the increasing value of the lessons of past experience with which the pioneers in the third angel's message are familiar, and concerning which they can bear positive testimony. LS 427.5

“I greatly desire,” she wrote, “that the old soldiers of the cross, those grown gray in the Master's service, shall continue to bear their testimony right to the point, in order that those younger in the faith may understand that the messages which the Lord gave us in the past, are very important at this stage of the earth's history. Our past experience has not lost one jot of its force. LS 428.1

“Let all be careful not to discourage the pioneers, or cause them to feel that there is little they can do. Their influence may still be mightily exerted in the work of the Lord. The testimony of the aged ministers will ever be a help and a blessing to the church. God will watch over His tried and faithful standard bearers, night and day, until the time comes for them to lay off the armor. Let them be assured that they are under the protecting care of Him who never slumbers or sleeps; that they are watched over by unwearied sentinels. Knowing this, and realizing that they are abiding in Christ, they may rest trustfully in the providences of God.” The General Conference Bulletin, 1913. LS 428.2