Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


The Work in the Cities

Particularly was this pointed out to be the case with the great cities of the nations. “Behold our cities,” she urged, “and their need of the gospel. The need for earnest labor among the multitudes in the cities has been kept before me for more than twenty years. Who is carrying a burden for our large cities? Some will say, We need all the money we can get to carry on the work in other places. Do you not know that unless you carry the truth to the cities, there will be a drying up of means? When you carry this message to those in cities who are hungry for truth, and they accept the light, they will go earnestly to work to bring that light to others. Souls who have means will bring others into the truth, and will give of their means to advance the cause of God.” The General Conference Bulletin, May 24, 1909. LS 417.3

The necessity of planning in an extraordinary way for the preaching of the third angel's message in the crowded centers of population, constituted one of the chief burdens of Mrs. White's discourses throughout the Conference. LS 418.1

“A little is being done in our world,” she declared; “but, O that the good work might spread abroad and reach every needy soul! O that the present truth might be proclaimed in every city! This great need is kept before me night and day.... LS 418.2

“Men and women are going forth more and more to carry the gospel message. We thank God for this, but we need a greater awakening.... It is our privilege to see the work of God advancing in the cities. Christ is waiting, waiting for places to be entered. Who are preparing for this work? We will not say that we are destitute of laborers. We are glad that there are some; but there is a greater, a far greater work to be done in our cities.” The General Conference Bulletin, May 17, 1909] LS 418.3