Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Working the Cities from Outpost Centers

In the course of her talk before the conference, Mrs. White exalted the sacredness of God's law, and spoke decidedly regarding the necessity of prompt action and of acquainting the people with the meaning of the things coming upon the earth. She referred particularly to the advantages to be gained by working the cities from outpost centers. LS 409.4

“Out of the cities, out of the cities!” she declared; “this is the message the Lord has been giving me. The earthquakes will come; the floods will come; and we are not to establish ourselves in the wicked cities, where the enemy is served in every way, and where God is so often forgotten. The Lord desires that we shall have clear spiritual eyesight. We must be quick to discern the peril that would attend the establishment of institutions in these wicked cities. We must make wise plans to warn the cities, and at the same time live where we can shield our children and ourselves from the contaminating and demoralizing influences so prevalent in these places. The Review and Herald, July 5, 1906. LS 409.5