Life Sketches of Ellen G. White



In order that the cause of God might prosper, it was imperative that the administration of affairs be such as to permit the widest possible development in all lines of service. “God desires His work to be a rising, broadening, enlarging power,” Mrs. White declared during a council meeting held the day preceding the formal opening of the Conference session. “But the management of the work is becoming confused in itself.... God calls for a change.” [Unpublished Ms.] LS 385.2

On the opening day of the Conference, Mrs. White spoke further regarding these matters: LS 386.1

“Greater strength must be brought into the managing force of the Conference.... God has not put any kingly power in our ranks to control this or that branch of the work. The work has been greatly restricted by the efforts to control it in every line. Here is a vineyard presenting its barren places that have received no labor. And if one should start out to till these places in the name of the Lord, unless he should get the permission of the men in a little circle of authority he would receive no help. But God means that His workers shall have help. If a hundred should start out on a mission to these destitute fields, crying unto God, He would open the way before them.... If the work had not been so restricted, ... it would have gone forward in its majesty. It would have gone in weakness at first, but the God of heaven lives; the great Overseer lives.... LS 386.2

“There must be a renovation, a reorganization; a power and strength must be brought into the committees that are necessary.” The General Conference Bulletin, April 3, 1901. LS 386.3

A few days later, when it was proposed to organize the Southern field into a strong union conference, Mrs. White, in another talk before the delegates, said: LS 386.4

“The arrangements which are being made for that field are in accordance with the light which has been given me. God desires the Southern field to have a conference of its own. The work there must be done on different lines from the work in any other field. The laborers there will have to work on peculiar lines, nevertheless the work will be done.... LS 386.5

“The Lord God of Israel will link us all together. The organizing of new conferences is not to separate us. It is to bind us together. The conferences that are formed are to cling mightily to the Lord, so that through them He can reveal His power, making them excellent representations of fruit bearing.” The General Conference Bulletin, April 5, 1901. LS 386.6

In later years, as these plans were carried out more or less fully by brethren in responsibility, Mrs. White on many occasions rejoiced in the success that was crowning the efforts of an army of workers whose preparation for service had been gained in strong training centers in North America, Europe, and Australasia. LS 387.1

And great was Mrs. White's rejoicing when the reports from our missionaries in China indicated that the Lord was going before our workers in that land in a special manner, and preparing the hearts of the heathen for the reception of present truth. As God opened the way in fields that in former years had been difficult to enter, she urged the brethren in responsibility to do all in their power to cooperate with the heavenly agencies manifestly at work in the dark places of earth. At the same time she continued to encourage those having to do with institutional work, to hold before the youth in training the high ideals for which our denominational institutions have ever stood, and to redouble their efforts to train many workers to enter the fields whitening unto the harvest. Thus the home land, whether in America, in Europe, in Australasia, or in other favored lands, was to be linked closely with the regions beyond; and all the agencies established for the advancement of the cause of God were to cooperate for the accomplishment of one purpose,—the preparing of a people for the coming of their Lord. LS 387.2