Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Chapter 51—The Avondale School

During the closing days of the Australian camp meeting, much time was devoted to a study of educational problems. The committee having charge of the Australasian Bible School, and the committee on location, made their reports. It was generally felt that the three short terms held in rented quarters had been of great value, and should be counted as a marked success. At the same time, it was seen that if the school was continued in rented buildings, the expense to the students would be too great to permit of that large attendance which was desirable. It was also evident that with a small attendance, the expense to the promoters of the enterprise would be very heavy. How could the school be put on such a basis as would open the way for a large number of students to attend at moderate expense? LS 349.1

Mrs. White spoke often regarding educational work, and presented the views which had been given her from time to time concerning the character of the work to be undertaken and of the places that should be selected for the training of Christian workers. She also spoke of the advantages to be gained by combining study with work in the acquirement of a well balanced education. LS 349.2

Shortly after camp meeting, she prepared for publication a comprehensive statement regarding the advisability of placing the school away from the large cities, and outlining the kind of education that should be sought for and given in the proposed school. The main features of these counsels are embodied in the following extracts: LS 349.3