Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Messages of Hope and Courage

The messages that Mrs. White has sent from time to time to the workers in Europe, have encouraged the following of broad policies that would bring strength and prosperity to all branches of the work. In 1902 she wrote: LS 308.1

“My brethren, bind up with the Lord God of hosts. Let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread. The time has come for His work to be enlarged. Troublous times are before us; but if we stand together in Christian fellowship, none striving for supremacy, God will work mightily for us. LS 308.2

“Let us be hopeful and courageous. Despondency in God's service is sinful and unreasonable. He knows our every necessity. He has all power. He can bestow upon His servants the measure of efficiency that their need demands. His infinite love and compassion never weary. With the majesty of omnipotence He unites the gentleness and care of a tender shepherd. We need have no fear that He will not fulfill His promises. He is eternal truth. Never will He change the covenant that He has made with those that love Him. His promises to His church stand fast forever. He will make her an eternal excellence, a joy of many generations.” Testimonies for the Church 8:38, 39. LS 308.3