Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Efficiency in Missionary Service

In writing to these brethren concerning the great work before them, Mrs. White emphasized the importance of their starting in right at the beginning of their work. She spoke of fields where much more might have been done if the work had not been bound about by unwise economies; and she declared that if the work had been begun right, less means would actually have been drawn from the treasury. She said: LS 302.1

“We have a great and sacred trust in the elevated truths committed to us. We are glad that there are men who will enter into our mission fields who are willing to work with small remuneration. Money does not weigh with them in the scale against the claims of conscience and duty, to open the truth to those who are in the darkness of error in far-off countries for the love of Christ and their fellow men. LS 302.2

“The men who will give themselves to the great work of teaching the truth are not the men who will be bribed with wealth or frightened by poverty. But God would have His delegated servants constantly improving. In order for the work to be carried with efficiency, the Lord sent forth His disciples forward two and two.... No one man's ideas, one man's plans, are to have a controlling power in carrying forward the work.... One is not to stand apart from the other, and argue his own ways and plans; for he may have an education in a certain direction, and possess certain traits of character, which will be detrimental to the interests of the work if allowed to become the controlling power. LS 302.3

“The workers are not to stand apart from one another, but work together in everything that interests the cause of God. And one of the most important things to be considered is self-culture. There is too little attention given to this matter. There should be a cultivation of all the powers to do high and honorable work for God. Wisdom may be gained in a much larger measure than many suppose who have been laboring for years in the cause of God.... LS 303.1

“Keep up the elevated character of the missionary work. Let the inquiry of both men and women associated in the missionary work be, What am I? and what ought I to be and do? Let each worker consider that he cannot give to others that which he does not possess himself. Therefore he should not settle down into his own set ways and habits, and make no change for the better. Paul says, I have not attained, but I press forward. It is constant advancement and improvement and reformation that is to be made with individuals, to perfect a symmetrical, well balanced character.... LS 303.2

“There is little that any of you can do alone. Two or more are better than one if you will each esteem the other better than yourself. If any of you consider your plans and modes of labor perfect, you greatly deceive yourselves. Counsel together with much prayer and humbleness of mind, willing to be entreated and advised. This will bring you where God will be your counselor.... LS 303.3

“We are not to make the world's manner of dealing ours. We are to give to the world a nobler example, showing that our faith is of a high and elevated character. Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you. Let every action reveal the nobility of truth. Be true to your faith, and you will be true to God. Come to the Word, that you may learn what its claims really are. When God speaks, it is our duty to listen and obey.... LS 303.4

“From the very first establishment of your work, begin in a dignified, Godlike manner, that you may give character to the influence of the truth which you know to be of heavenly birth. But remember that great care is to be exercised in regard to the presentation of truth. Carry the minds along guardedly. Dwell upon practical godliness, weaving the same into doctrinal discourses. The teachings and love of Christ will soften and subdue the soil of the heart for the good seed of truth, and you will obtain the confidence of the people by working to obtain acquaintance with them. But keep up the elevated character of the work. Let the publications, the papers, the pamphlets, be working among the people, and preparing the minds of the reading class for the preaching of the truth. Let no stinted efforts be made in this line, and the work, if begun wisely and prosecuted wisely, will result in success. But do be humble and teachable, if you would teach others and lead them in the way of truth and righteousness.” LS 304.1