Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


First Visit to Scandinavia

During the two years spent by Mrs. White in Europe, she visited Denmark, Sweden, and Norway three times. At the close of the Missionary Council held in Basel during September, 1885, the delegates from Scandinavia pleaded that she should visit their field as soon as possible; and although her friends in Switzerland pointed out that summer was a better time to travel in northern Europe, she decided to venture out by faith, trusting in God for strength to endure the hardships of the journey. LS 296.1

October and the first half of November were spent in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Grythyttehed, Orebro, and Christiania. Mrs. White was accompanied by her secretary, Miss Sara McEnterfer, by her son, W. C. White, and by Elder J. G. Matteson, who was guide, interpreter, and fellow laborer. In the various places where believers assembled to hear, her message was received with reverential interest. The congregations were not large, excepting in Christiania, where the church membership numbered one hundred and twenty. On Sabbath day, October 31, when the brethren from other churches gathered in, there were about two hundred in attendance. On Sunday she spoke in the workingmen's hall to an audience of eight hundred. The next Sunday, by request of the president of a strong temperance society, she spoke to about one thousand three hundred assembled in the soldiers’ military gymnasium, on the importance of home training in the principles of temperance. This subject was presented from a Biblical standpoint, and illustrated by the experiences of Bible characters. LS 296.2