Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


The “Imprimerie Polyglotte”

The Basel publishing house, afterward named the “Imprimerie Polyglotte” (the printing house of many languages), was just completed. The land had been secured and the building planned during the visit of Elder Butler early in 1884. The structure had been erected under the watchful supervision of Elder B. L. Whitney, the superintendent of the European Mission; and its equipment had been purchased and installed by Brother H. W. Kellogg, for many years the manager of the Review and Herald Publishing Association at Battle Creek, Mich. LS 281.4

The new publishing house was a large, substantial building, 46 x 76 feet, with four stories above the basement. The upper stories were so constructed that, until required by the growth of the business, they could be used as residence suites for families. It was in one of these suites that Mrs. White made her home during a greater part of the two years she spent in Europe. LS 282.1