Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Visit to Battle Creek

“Sunday, August 12, in company with Sister Sara McEnterfer, I left the Pacific coast on my way to the East. Although we suffered considerably from heat and dust, we had a pleasant journey across the plains. We found conductor and porters ready to do all in their power for our comfort and convenience. LS 268.3

“From the time that we stepped on board the train, I felt perfectly satisfied that I was in the way of duty. I have had sweet communion with my Saviour, and have felt that He is my refuge and my fortress, and that no harm can come to me while engaged in the work which He has given me to do. I have an abiding trust in the promises of God, and enjoy that peace which comes only from Jesus.... LS 268.4

“We reached Battle Creek on Friday, August 17. The following night I found it impossible to sleep. I had not visited this place since I left it in great feebleness after my husband's funeral. Now the great loss which the cause had sustained in his death, the great loss which I had sustained in being deprived of his society and assistance in my work, came up vividly before me, and I could not compose myself to sleep. I recalled the covenant which I had made with God at my husband's deathbed,—that I would not become discouraged under the burden, but would labor more earnestly and devotedly than ever before to present the truth both by pen and voice; that I would set before the people the excellence of the statutes and precepts of Jehovah, and would point them to the cleansing fountain where we may wash away every stain of sin. LS 269.1

“All night I wrestled with God in prayer that He would give me strength for my work, and imbue me with His Spirit, that I might keep my solemn covenant. I desired nothing so much as to spend my time and strength in urging those who profess the truth to come into closer relationship with God, that they may enjoy more perfect communion with Him than did ancient Israel in their most prosperous days. LS 269.2

“Sabbath morning I spoke to the large congregation assembled in the Tabernacle. The Lord gave me strength and freedom as I presented the words found in Revelation 7:9-17... LS 269.3