Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


The Return Journey

While in Salem, I formed the acquaintance of Brother and Sister Donaldson, who desired that their daughter should return to Battle Creek with us, and attend the College. Her health was poor, and it was quite a struggle for them to part with her, their only daughter; but the spiritual advantages she would there receive induced them to make the sacrifice. Not long afterward, at a camp meeting in Battle Creek, she was buried with Christ in baptism. This was another proof of the importance of Seventh-day Adventists’ sending their children to our school, where they can be brought directly under a saving influence. LS 234.2

On our voyage from Oregon, we made many pleasant acquaintances, and distributed our publications to different ones, which led to profitable conversation. LS 234.3

When we arrived at Oakland, we found that the tent was pitched there, and that quite a number had embraced the truth under the labors of Elder Wm. Healey. We spoke several times under the tent. Sabbath and first day the churches of San Francisco and Oakland met together, and we had interesting and profitable meetings. LS 234.4