Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Walking out by Faith

We had planned to attend the Ohio and Western camp meetings; but our friends thought that, considering my state of health, it would be presumptuous; so we decided to remain at Battle Creek. Being much of the time a great sufferer, I placed myself under treatment at the Sanitarium. LS 224.3

My husband labored incessantly to advance the interests of the cause of God in the various departments of the work centering in Battle Creek. Before we were aware of it, he was very much worn. Early one morning, he was attacked with giddiness, and was threatened with paralysis. We greatly feared this dreadful disease; but the Lord was merciful, and spared us the affliction. However, his attack was followed by great physical and mental prostration; and now, indeed, it seemed impossible for us to attend the Eastern camp meetings, or for me to attend them, and leave my husband depressed in spirits and in feeble health. LS 224.4

I could not, however, find rest and freedom in the thought of remaining away from the field of labor. We took the matter to the Lord in prayer. We knew that the mighty Healer could restore both my husband and myself to health, if it was for His glory so to do. We both decided to walk out by faith, and to venture all on the promises of God. LS 225.1