Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


In Vermont and New York

The meeting at West Enosburgh, Vt., was one of deep interest. It seemed good to meet again with, and speak to, our old, tried friends in this State. A great and good work was done in a short time. These friends were generally poor, and toiling for the comforts of life where one dollar is earned with more labor than two in the West, yet they were liberal with us. In no State have the brethren been truer to the cause than in old Vermont. LS 181.2

Our next meeting was at Adams Center, N. Y. It was a large gathering. There were several persons in and around this place whose cases had been shown me, for whom I felt the deepest interest. They were men of moral worth. Some were in positions of life which made the cross of the present truth heavy to bear, or at least they thought so. Others, who had reached the middle age of life, had been brought up from childhood to keep the Sabbath, but had not borne the cross of Christ. These were in a position where it seemed hard to move them. They needed to be shaken from relying on their good works, and to be brought to feel their lost condition without Christ. We could not give up these souls, and labored with our might to help them. They were at last moved, and I have since been made glad to hear from some of them, and good news respecting all of them. LS 181.3

God is converting strong men of wealth, and bringing them into the ranks. If they would prosper in the Christian life, grow in grace, and at last reap a rich reward, they will have to use of their abundance to advance the cause of truth. LS 182.1