Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers—No. 3


Laborers Should Improve Themselves

Having learned the simple rules, they [the ministers] should bend their minds to the acquisition of knowledge in connection with their labor, so that they may be “workmen that need not be ashamed.” They can master one branch of science after another, while they are engaged in the work of preaching the truth if they will wisely employ their time. Golden moments are thrown away in unimportant conversation, in indolence, and in doing those things which are of little consequence, that ought to be used every day in useful employments, that will fit us more nearly to approach the high standard. SpTA03 20.3

The men who now stand before the people as representatives of Christ have generally more ability than they have training, but they do not put their faculties to use, making the most of their time and opportunities. Nearly every minister in the field, had he exerted his God-given energies, might not only be proficient in reading, writing, and grammar, but even in languages. It is essential for them to set their aim high. But there has been but little ambition to put their powers to the test to reach an elevated standard in knowledge and in religious intelligence. Our ministers will have to render to God an account for the rusting of the talents he has given to improve by exercise. They might have done tenfold more work intelligently, had they cared to become intellectual giants. Their whole experience in their high calling is cheapened because they are content to remain where they are. Their efforts to acquire knowledge will not in the least hinder their spiritual growth if they will study with right motives and proper aims. SpTA03 21.1