Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers—No. 3


Love and Unity

God would open the eyes of his professed people in order that they may see that they must love God supremely, and their neighbors as themselves, if they would be saved in his kingdom. Many are making manifest that they are not controlled by the Spirit of Christ, but by another spirit. The attributes they display are as unlike the attributes of Christ as are the characteristics of Satan. It is high time that believers should stand shoulder to shoulder, and strive together for eternal life, in place of holding themselves aloof, and expressing by word and action, “I am holier than thou.” Those who would exert all their powers for the salvation of perishing souls, must come heart to heart, and be bound together in cords of sympathy and love. The brethren should manifest the same spirit as that manifested by our merciful and faithful High Priest, who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. We may inspire fainting, hopeless ones with new life. We may achieve victories which our own erroneous and misconceived opinions, our own defects of character, our own smallness of faith, have made to seem impossible. Faith! we scarcely know what it is. SpTA03 11.1

The End

The end of all things is at hand. The Lord is soon coming. Already his judgments are abroad in our land. We are not only to talk of Christ's coming, but in every action, we are to reveal the fact that he is soon to be manifested in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Have we the wedding garment on? Have we personal piety? Have we co-operated with divine agencies, in a whole-hearted, unreserved manner, in weaving into our life's practices the divine principles of God's holy law? It is one thing to talk the law, and it is another thing entirely to practice it. It is the doers of the law that shall be justified before God; for those who do the law represent the character of God, and lie not against the truth. SpTA03 12.1

The Lord is coming. O, the time is short, and who in the Bible view are laborers together with God? Shall we not be filled with fear and awe lest we are still in our own natural tempers, lest we are unconverted, and unholy, and seeking to pass off a counterfeit experience for a genuine one? Awake, brethren, awake, before it shall be forever too late. There are many who are laborers together with God whom we do not discern. The hands of ministers have never been laid upon them in ordination for the work; but nevertheless they are wearing the yoke of Christ, and exert a saving influence in working in different lines to win souls to Christ. The success of our work depends upon our love to God, and our love to our fellow-men. When there is harmonious action among the individual members of the church, when there is love and confidence manifested by brother to brother, there will be proportionate force and power in our work for the salvation of men. O how greatly we need a moral renovation! Without the faith that works by love, you can do nothing. May the Lord give you hearts to receive this testimony. SpTA03 12.2