Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers—No. 3


May 7, 1895

Observance of the Sabbath

Dear Brother,

Sister May Lacey and myself left Granville, March 14, going by train to Melbourne on our way to Tasmania. It was necessary that I should be in Melbourne over the Sabbath. I had freedom in speaking to the people assembled on the Sabbath, and was urgently requested to again address them in the missionary meeting on Sunday afternoon. The hall was well filled on these occasions, and the Lord blessed me in speaking to the people. An appointment was made that I should again speak to the people on Tuesday evening, and present important matters before them. SpTA03 42.1

We expected to leave for Tasmania on Thursday evening, but learned that the steamer was not going out until Friday afternoon, and would bring us into Launceston after the Sabbath had begun. I could not consent to go on this steamer when we should thus have to trespass on the Sabbath, if there was any way possible by which we could avoid it. We learned that a boat left Melbourne Tuesday afternoon, and we decided that it would be much better to go on this early boat than to travel on the Sabbath. From the light which the Lord has given us in regard to the manner in which the Sabbath should be observed, I fear that we are becoming careless, and often travel on the Sabbath when we might avoid it. We should be more careful about traveling on the boats or in the cars on the Sabbath day. Even if it involves some difficulty, we should make every possible effort so to arrange matters about our traveling, that we need not arrive at our destination on the Sabbath. SpTA03 42.2

Many are becoming careless and irreverent concerning the Sabbath; but if we would have the blessing pronounced that is to be pronounced upon the obedient, it will be necessary that we observe the Sabbath more strictly. Even in traveling upon the cars and steamers, we are to set the right example before our children and youth. It may be necessary for us to travel on the Sabbath in order to reach the churches who need our help, and to give them the message that God would have them hear; but we should secure our tickets, and make all other arrangements on some other day, if it is unavoidable and if we must travel upon the cars or steamboats. When traveling on the cars or boats on the Sabbath day, we should withdraw ourselves from undesirable company, and commune with God. But if through the providence of God, we have an opportunity to speak a word in regard to the truth to those who are in our company, we should improve the opportunity. If any one is suffering, and we can relieve their pain, we should put into exercise the wisdom and knowledge God has given us in doing it. But we need not engage in conversation concerning business matters. We need to be always learning in the school of Christ in order that we may be teachers. Every day our obligation is proportional to our ability. God requires heart-service. He requires that we should be consecrated to him at all times and in all places. SpTA03 42.3