Lt 42, 1888

Lt 42, 1888

Kellogg, Dr. J. H.

Healdsburg, California

September 12, 1888

Previously unpublished.

Dr. J. H. Kellogg

Dear Brother:

I have just received yours of Sept. 5. It finds me sick in bed and unable to write much in answer. I will say, however, that I am glad that you have decided to take the property of Bro. Lockwood and pay him his price, forty-five thousand. He needs every cent of it. He is a poor, crippled man unable to do any more work and is wholly dependent on this property. I have given him a piece of land from my place in St. Helena where he can put up a little house, and he is at work on this now; therefore, what money you could pay down would come very acceptable at this time. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 1

I cannot advise him to take any share in the new corporation because this property is all his living, and he will live and die here in California; therefore, I say, Let those who are there on the ground invest their money in this corporation, and they will be there when they can attend to it and sell it when they choose. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 2

I presume it would be satisfactory to him if he could have the two thousand dollars down and the balance at six percent interest for one year. Bro. Lockwood is at St. Helena where I can have no talk with him, but I will send him your communication. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 3

I am sorry I cannot answer your good letter, but I have been sick for two weeks with malaria or something similar to the epizootic that was raging in Battle Creek once. Although much against my will, I am confined in my bed, my head suffering intense pain nearly all the time. I cough and raise terrible matter. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 4

Have some fears that I cannot attend our camp meeting. I had decided to attend the General Conference, but I may not be able to go. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 5

I will close for this time and write again when better. 5LtMs, Lt 42, 1888, par. 6