The Health Food Ministry


Foods From Local Products in Different Lands

To many in different places the Lord will give intelligence in regard to health foods. He can spread a table in the wilderness. Health foods should be prepared by our churches who are trying to practice the principles of health reform. But as surely as they should do this, some would say that they were infringing on their rights. But who gave them the wisdom to prepare these foods?—The God of heaven. That same God will give wisdom to His people in the different countries to use the productions of these countries in preparing health foods. In simple, inexpensive ways, our people are to experiment with the fruits and grains and roots in the countries in which they live. In the different countries inexpensive health foods are to be manufactured for the benefit of the poor and for the benefit of the families of our own people. HFM 93.1

The message that God has given me is that His people in foreign lands are not to depend for their supply of health foods on the importations of health foods from America. The freight and the duty make the cost of these foods so high that the poor, who are just as precious in the sight of God as the wealthy, cannot have the advantage of them. HFM 93.2

Health foods are God's productions, and He will teach His people in missionary fields so to combine the productions of the earth, that simple, inexpensive, wholesome foods will be provided. If they will seek wisdom from God, He will teach them how to plan and devise to utilize these productions, I am instructed to say, Forbid them not. Manuscript 40, 1902 (Counsels on Diet and Foods, 271-2). HFM 93.3