The Health Food Ministry


In Missionary Fields

Health foods are God's productions, and He will teach His people in missionary fields so to combine the productions of the earth that simple, inexpensive, wholesome foods will be provided. If they will seek wisdom from God, He will teach them how to plan and devise. I am instructed to say, “Forbid them not.”... HFM 53.2

When the message comes to those who have not heard the truth for this time, they see that a great reformation must take place in their diet. They see that they must put away flesh-food, because it creates an appetite for liquor, and fills the system with disease. By meat-eating, the physical, mental, and moral powers are weakened. Man is built up from that which he eats. Animal passions bear sway as the result of meat-eating, tobacco-using, and liquor-drinking. The Lord will give His people wisdom to prepare from that which the earth yields, foods that will take the place of flesh-meat. Simple combinations of nuts and grains and fruits, manufactured with taste and skill, will commend themselves to unbelievers. But as a usual thing, too many nuts are used in the combinations made. Manuscript 156, 1900 (written November 27, 1901). HFM 53.3