The Health Food Ministry


A Part of God's Service

I have something to say to you. The Lord has opened a place for you in the food factory. He has blessed you and has given you tact and understanding for the work. Until you have positive evidence that it is your duty to change your position, remain where you are. You are blessed above many youth; for you have the society of your mother, while so many are forced to be separated from home influences. HFM 48.2

I am impressed by the Lord to say to you, my youthful brother, that some one must do the work you are doing. In the position in which you are placed you have been obtaining the best experience a young man can have. The Lord desires to have, in connection with this institution, men and women who love and fear Him. Those who are engaged in the work of preparing health foods are just as much in the service of God as if they were in the dentistry business or in the medical missionary work. As you help to prepare health foods, you are doing God's service.... HFM 49.1

When you have thoroughly mastered your present trade, you will be able to do good service in teaching the people how to prepare healthful food. This line of work is as essential as any work you could take up. It is a most important education for young men and young women; for in the future this class of work will find acceptance where many other kinds of work will not be acceptable. Letter 151, 1900 (written November 20, 1900). HFM 49.2