Counsels on Diet and Foods


Part 5—Fruit Juice

Sweet Grape Juice

757. The pure juice of the grape, free from fermentation, is a wholesome drink. But many of the alcoholic drinks which are now so largely consumed contain death-dealing potions. Those who partake of them are often maddened, bereft of their reason. Under their deadly influence men commit crimes of violence and often murder.—Manuscript 126, 1903 CD 436.4

Beneficial to Health

758. Make fruit the article of diet to be placed on your table, which shall constitute the bill of fare. The juices of fruit, mingled with bread, will be highly enjoyed. Good, ripe, undecayed fruit is a thing we should thank the Lord for, because it is beneficial to health.—Letter 72, 1896 CD 437.1

[Taking a Raw Egg in Unfermented Wine—324]

[Use of Lemon Juice by E. G. White in Seasoning for Greens—522]