Counsels on Diet and Foods


Part 3—Cereal Substitutes for Tea and Coffee

751. Neither tea nor coffee should be served. Caramel cereal, made a nicely as possible, should be served in the place of these health-destroying beverages.—Letter 200, 1902 CD 431.3

752. Under some circumstances persons may require a third meal. This should, however, if taken at all, be very light, and of food most easily digested. Crackers—the English biscuit—or zwieback, and fruit, or cereal coffee, are the foods best suited for the evening meal.—The Ministry of Healing, 321, 1905 CD 431.4

753. I use a little boiled milk in my simple homemade coffee.—Letter 73a, 1896 CD 432.1

Immoderate Use of Hot and Injurious Drinks

754. Hot drinks are not required, except as a medicine. The stomach is greatly injured by a large quantity of hot food and hot drink. Thus the throat and digestive organs, and through them the other organs of the body, are enfeebled.—Letter 14, 1901 CD 432.2