Rolling Back the Reproach


Testimonies Referring to the Reorganization of Battle Creek College


“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N. S. W., Australia,

December 16, 1898.

Let great care be exercised. The work of our schools, Sanitarium, and publishing houses should be so arranged that men who are selfish and covetous, who move under Satan's generalship, can not take advantage of circumstances to make all the trouble possible. In the past Satan has used men acting a part in the work of God. As any time he chose he has played his human instrument, causing notes of discord to be heard, to bring confusion and perplexity into the cause of God. Too much power has been given to unworthy men. PH068 24.1

Those under Satan's dictation become very zealous in their work. They magnify self, and work at cross purposes with God. Therefore too much caution can not be shown by men who are chosen of God and faithful, to see that in every institution God has established every part of the work is firmly bound about, that the cause shall not be hindered by the counsels of those inspired from beneath, that Satan shall not intrude through unconverted, unconsecrated men. PH068 24.2

The school in Battle Creek should be made secure from ruthless hands, and unconsecrated minds, from men who work to bring in elements that are in no way qualified to strengthen, purify, or ennoble the institution. Let men be chosen from responsible positions who give evidence that God is using them as represented in the words, “Ye are God's husbandry; ye are God's building.” When God by his Holy Spirit works upon the character, the building is designed by no human architect, erected by no human skill. It is a building designed and fashioned by the great Master Builder. It is garrisoned by heavenly intelligences, and its foundation can never be moved. PH068 24.3