The Oakwood Manual Training School

The Oakwood Manual Training School


The Oakwood Manual Training School for Colored is the only school in the denomination devoted exclusive to the education and training of colored young people to become workers to labor for their own race. This school has been in operation since the spring of 1894, and notwithstanding those in charge have been greatly handicapped in their efforts by the lack of proper buildings and facilities, yet there have been sent out from the school several young men and women who are doing very acceptable work. Three of this number have been ordained to the ministry. The lack of the necessary buildings for the proper care and comfort of the students, housing of stock, and the handling and storage of the products of the farm have been a serious drawback to the successful operation of the school and farm. SpTB12 2.1

Recognizing the need and the importance of better equipping this school, the General Conference Committee, at its spring session held in Washington in the month of April, voted to authorize the managers of the school to take the necessary steps to raise, by donations from our people in general, the sum of $13,000. SpTB12 2.2

This means will be expended for the erection and equipping of a small sanitarium, the finishing of the school building and boy's dormitory, the erection of a proper building for a kitchen and dining-room, a silo to preserve green food for the stock, a building to be used as a cannery to Enable the farm manager to promptly and profitably handle the large crop of tomatoes and vegetables grown each year on the farm, and a building in which to keep sweet potatoes during the winter months. SpTB12 2.3

If these facilities can be provided it will help the managers and students to help themselves, and in every way enable them to do better work. The attendance is constantly increasing, and accommodations should be provided for at least one hundred students. SpTB12 3.1

This school is destined to become more and more an important factor in giving the message to the millions of colored people in the South. SpTB12 3.2

This little leaflet contains only a small portion of what the testimonies have said about the Oakwood School, and the work to be done for the colored people in this field, but we trust it will be sufficient to impress upon your mind the importance and need of this school, and that you will feel it not only a duty, but a privilege to cheerfully and liberally respond to this appeal for help. SpTB12 3.3