Record of Progress and An Appeal In Behalf of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

Relation of Church-Members to Medical Missionary Workers

By baptismal vows church-members have covenanted to remain under the control of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Afterward under temptation some withdraw from the influence of the Spirit of God, and serve the enemy. They become vain talkers, mischief makers. Instead of healing and restoring, they hurt and destroy. SpTB05 24.2

How careful every person who claims to love and fear God should be in regard to the reputation of the institutions that God Himself has established according to His word! How careful should every professing Christian be of the reputation of those whose work it is to bring relief to suffering human beings. The physician needs calm nerves. Can not men and women be made to understand that when they are constantly endeavoring to injure and tear down the reputation of the Lord's appointed physicians, to whom a special work has been given, these servants of God feel keenly the wounds made by their unsanctified utterances? Their hearts are bruised and made sore by the criticizing spirit, the disparaging remarks, the unchristian example and practises of those who should stand as supporters of the men acting as God's helping hand. SpTB05 24.3

Many professing Christians have become the agents of Satan, who uses them to criticize and to discourage nigh unto death those whom God has appointed to do a most important work. Many words opposed to principles of truth and justice, many words creating suspicion and distrust, have been spoken. Can not the poor souls who have been long in the way see that by their course of action they are ignorantly serving the enemy of all righteousness? Can they not see that they are driving successful laborers on to Satan's battle-ground, to become the sport of temptation? SpTB05 25.1

Many of these reckless talkers do not know what they are doing. They can not see that their words discourage the ones whom God has appointed to represent Jesus Christ, and His truth for this time. In relieving suffering humanity, consecrated physicians are doing the work of the great Restorer, who has said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” Matthew 25:40. SpTB05 25.2

Let those whose lips are unsanctified realize that for their own souls’ interest they should now be converted in order that their words may be a savor of life unto life, and not of death unto death. It is time that the vain talkers reformed. Let each one begin to reform, and build over against his own house. Let every church-member lighten the burdens and encourage the hearts of his brethren by holding up their hands and strengthening them to do God's will. SpTB05 25.3