An Appeal to Our Churches in Behalf of Home Missionary Work


Loving Labor for the Master

Our Redeemer is to see of the travail of His soul, and be satisfied; how is it with those who profess to be His followers? Will they be satisfied when they see the fruit of their labors? What are the members of the church doing, to be designated “laborers together with God”? Where do we see travail of soul? Where do we see the members of the church absorbed in religious themes, self surrendered to the work and will of God? Where do we see Christians feeling their responsibility to make the church prosperous, a wide-awake, light-giving people? Where are those who do not stint or measure their loving labor for the Master? PH007 18.1

Jesus, your Redeemer, and all the holy angels are grieved at your hardness of heart. Jesus came to our world, and gave His own life to save these souls, and yet you who know the truth make so little effort to impart the blessings of His grace to those for whom He died. Such indifference and neglect of duty is an amazement to the angels. In the judgment you must meet the souls you have neglected. PH007 18.2