An Appeal to Our Churches in Behalf of Home Missionary Work


Scores of Slothful Servants

But instead of thus developing, the church is left to be a weak, dependent, inefficient body. The members of the church are trained to rely upon preaching, and they do little for Christ. They bear no fruit, but rather increase in selfishness and unfaithfulness. They put their hope in the preacher, and depend on his efforts to keep alive their weak faith. Because of the lack of proper instruction among the church-members by those whom God has placed as overseers, there is not one merely, but scores, who are slothful, and who are hiding their talents in the earth, and still complaining of the Lord's dealings toward them. They need to be tended as do sick children. This condition of weakness must not continue. Well-organized work must be done in the church, that its members may understand the manner in which they may impart light to others, and thus strengthen their own faith and increase their knowledge. As they impart the light which God graciously bestows upon them, to those in darkness, they will be confirmed in the faith. A working church is a living church. We are built up as living stones, and every stone is to emit light; for every one is compared to a precious stone that catches the glory of God and reflects it to others. PH007 14.2

The idea that the minister must carry all the burdens, and do all the work, is a great mistake. Overworked and broken down, he may go into the grave, when, had the burden been shared as the Lord designed, he might have lived. That the burden may be distributed, an education must be given to the church by those who can instruct the workers to follow Christ, and to work as He worked. PH007 15.1