An Appeal to Our Churches in Behalf of Home Missionary Work


Winning Souls to Christ Our Chief Aim

God has given to every man a work to do in connection with His kingdom. Each one professing the name of Christ is to be an interested worker, ready to defend the principles of righteousness. The work of the gospel is not to depend solely upon the minister; every soul should take an active part in advancing the cause of God. But, instead of this, how many of our large churches come and go like a door on its hinges, feeling no responsibility for the progress of the work, no interest in the salvation of souls for whom Christ died. They do not dream of weaving their religion into their business. They say, Religion is religion, and business is business; they believe each has a proper sphere, but let them be separated. But in whatever calling a Christian is found, he has his work to do for the Lord in representing Christ to the world. Whatever may be our occupation, we are to be missionaries, having for our chief aim the winning of souls to Christ. If this is not our interest, we rob God of influence, of time, of money and effort. In withholding our heart's service from the Lord, we fail to benefit our fellowman, and thus rob God of the glory that would flow to Him through the conversion of others. PH007 7.1