Special Testimonies Concerning the Work and Workers in the Pacific Press


Words to the Faithful

17. There are those connected with the office whose hearts are bound up with the work. They see many things that are not as they should be, but know not what course to pursue to correct the evils. They are pained to see many who profess the truth go astray. To all these the Lord sends reproofs and warnings; the straight and narrow way that leads to life, and the glorious reward, are pointed out, and the perfect standard of Christian character is held up before them. Although some are so estranged from God that they do not recognize his voice, though a strange infatuation leads them in their perversity of heart to strive against the manifestations of the Spirit of God, let not those who are striving earnestly to do the work and will of God become discouraged. Let each work earnestly, prayerfully, holding his torch in his hand, shedding light upon willing and unwilling eyes. Having their orders from heaven, they are to be true and faithful, in all things representing the compassion of Christ. PH152 25.2

18. The consistent religious life, the holy conversation, the unswerving integrity in all business deal, the active, benevolent spirit, the godly example, are the medium through which light is conveyed to the world, and conviction takes hold upon the hearts and consciences of unbelievers. The Lord will work through his human agents if they will cooperate with him. PH152 26.1

I must close this matter here if it goes on the next steamer. May the Lord bless you all with wisdom and grace and his peace, is my prayer. PH152 26.2

(Signed) Ellen G. White

North Fitzroy, Victoria,

December, 1891.