Special Testimonies Concerning the Work and Workers in the Pacific Press


No. C. to the Directors

What Will Bring Prosperity

1. I have been instructed by the Lord in regard to some things connected with the office of publication in Oakland, Cal. I saw that financial embarrassment was causing distress of mind, and having a tendency to weaken the courage of those who bear heavy responsibilities. Many prayers are offered that God will work in giving prosperity to the office. I was shown that the Lord will work when the workers will cooperate with him. When the souls of the workers are knit with Christ, the power of God will be manifest among them. There has been a decided lack of faith. PH152 17.1

2. The large number of hands in the office make it necessary to take in a large amount of work in order to keep them employed. Thus in printing for other parties an objectionable class of publications is introduced into the office. My guide inquired of one who was occupying a responsible position, “How much do you receive in payment for this work?” The figures were placed before him. He said: “This is too small a sum. If you do business in this way, you meet with loss. But even should you receive a much larger sum, this class of literature would be published at great cost to the office; for the influence upon the workers is demoralizing. All the messages that God shall send them presenting the sacredness of the work are neutralized by your action in consenting to print such a class of matter.” PH152 18.1