Gospel Workers (1915 ed.)



The characters of many who profess godliness are imperfect and one-sided. These show that as pupils in the school of Christ they have learned their lessons very imperfectly. Some who have learned to imitate Christ in meekness, do not show His diligence in doing good. Others are active and zealous, but they are boastful; they have never learned humility. Still others leave Christ out of their work. They may be pleasing in their manners; they may show sympathy for their fellow-men; but their hearts are not centered on the Saviour, and they have not learned the language of heaven. They do not pray as Christ prayed; they do not place His estimate upon souls; they have not learned to endure hardship in their efforts to save souls. Some, knowing little of the transforming power of grace, become egotistical, critical, harsh. Others are plastic and yielding, bending this way and that to please their fellow-men. GW 144.2

However zealously the truth may be advocated, if the every-day life does not testify to its sanctifying power, the words spoken will avail nothing. An inconsistent course hardens the heart and narrows the mind of the worker, and places stumbling-blocks in the way of those for whom he labors. GW 144.3