Gospel Workers (1915 ed.)


Home Churches to Help

The members of our churches in the home field should carry on their hearts the burden for the work in regions beyond. An American business man, who was an earnest Christian, in conversation with a fellow-worker, remarked that he himself worked for Christ twenty-four hours of the day. “In all my business relations,” he said, “I try to represent my Master. As I have opportunity, I try to win others to Him. All day I am working for Christ. And at night, while I sleep, I have a man working for Him in China.” GW 466.2

Why should not the members of a church, or of several small churches, unite to sustain a missionary in foreign fields? If they will deny themselves, they can do this. My brethren and sisters, will you not help in this great work? I beseech you to do something for Christ, and do it now. Through the teacher whom your money shall sustain in a foreign field, souls may be saved to shine as stars in the Redeemer's crown. However small your offering, do not hesitate to bring it to the Lord. If given from a heart filled with love to the Saviour, the smallest offering becomes a priceless gift, which God smiles upon and blesses. GW 466.3

When Jesus said of the widow, She “hath cast in more than they all,” [Luke 21:3] His words were true, not only of the motives of the giver, but of the results of the gift. The “two mites, which make a farthing,” [Mark 12:42.] have brought to God's treasury an amount of money far greater than the contributions of the rich Jews. Like a stream small at its beginning, but widening and deepening as it flows toward the ocean, the influence of that little gift has widened and deepened as it has flowed through the ages. The example of self-sacrifice shown by the poor widow has acted and reacted upon thousands of hearts in every land and in every age. It has brought to the treasury of God gifts from the high and the low, the rich and the poor. It has helped to sustain missions, to establish hospitals, to feed the hungry, and to preach the gospel to the poor. Multitudes have been blessed through her unselfish deed. And in like manner every gift bestowed, every act performed, with a sincere desire for God's glory, is linked with the purposes of Omnipotence. Its results for good no man can measure. GW 467.1