Gospel Workers (1915 ed.)



Young men who have had only a few years of imperfect experience in the cause of present truth ...should manifest a delicacy in taking positions contrary to the judgment and opinions of those whose lives have been interwoven with the cause of God and who have had an active part in this work for many years. God does not select to lead out in His sacred, important work, men of immature judgment and great self-confidence. Those who have not passed through the sufferings, trials, opposition, and privations that have been endured to bring the work to its present condition of prosperity, should cultivate modesty and humility. They should be careful how they become exalted, lest they be overthrown. They will be accountable for the clear light of truth which shines upon them. GW 318.1

I saw that God is displeased with the disposition that some have to murmur against those who have fought the heaviest battles for them, and who endured so much in the beginning of the message, when the work went hard. The experienced laborers,—those who toiled under the weight and the oppressive burdens when there were but few to help bear them,—God regards; and He has a jealous care for those who have proved faithful. He is displeased with those who are ready to find fault with and reproach the servants of God who have grown gray in building up the cause of present truth. Your reproaches and murmurings, young men, will surely stand against you in the day of God. GW 318.2