Redemption Or The First Advent Of Christ With His Life And Ministry

Redemption Or The First Advent Of Christ With His Life And Ministry


In presenting to the public a series of pamphlets upon the life of Christ the publishers wish to say that the writer is a Christian lady of great experience, having been a writer and public speaker for more than twenty years. Her labors have extended into twenty states, and also into the Canadas. By the power of divine grace she has obtained the reputation in the outside world, as well as among her people, of being a forcible speaker, and eminently qualified to teach the people. 1Red 9.1

It is very evident to all who hear Mrs. White that her mind has been visited by heavenly illuminations, which have qualified her to present the facts in the history of the life of Christ in connection with the great plan of human redemption in a clear light. One thing in particular will impress the reader, that the writer of these little books presents many beautiful thoughts which are not expressed in other writings of the kind. And these thoughts are so very natural in their connections with the great subject, so simple, plain, and beautiful, that the reader will often inquire why he has not before thought of them. 1Red 9.2

These pamphlets will not fail to do good, and only good wherever they may be circulated and read. We bespeak for them a wide circulation, as well as a candid and prayerful reading. 1Red 9.3