Fundamentals of Christian Education


Fundamentals of Christian Education


The first collection of articles from the pen of Mrs. E. G. White on the subject of Christian education was published in 1886. The pamphlet containing this instruction was entitled “Selections From the Testimonies Concerning the Subject of Education.” A reprint and enlargement of this booklet was brought out in 1893, under the title “Christian Education.” Later a supplement to “Christian Education” was issued containing additional matter. In 1897, “Special Testimonies on Education” was published. This small volume contained articles of incalculable value to our teachers. The instruction in this book had never appeared before and constituted the major part of the author's writings on education during the years 1893-1896. In the year 1900 a copyright was issued for Testimonies, Volume VI. This volume included a large section on education and stressed the need of educational reform. FE 5.1

The book “Education” was issued in 1903, dealing with the larger problems and principles in school work, while in 1913 “Counsels to Teachers, Parents, and Students Regarding Christian Education” first appeared, dealing with the many detail problems that are common in educational practice. FE 5.2

The articles in this present volume have been drawn from various sources. They have been selected from “Christian Education,” “Special Testimonies on Education,” “Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene,” Review and Herald, Signs of the Times, Youth's Instructor, and Bible Echo. With the exception of one article, “Proper Education,” No selections have been made from any other volumes of the author's writings already in print. The two manuscript articles, “Suspension of Students” and “Correct School Discipline,” have been inserted by the permission of the Trustees of the Mrs. E. G. White Estate and with the counsel of the General Conference brethren. These two manuscripts were written more than twenty-five years ago and were available at that time to school principals. These two articles should be read together. FE 5.3

All articles are printed without abridgement and are arranged chronologically. The advantage of reading complete articles arranged in the order in which they were written will have its special appeal owing to the value of a historical setting. The supplementary list of articles at the close of the various chapters, together with the table of contents, will constitute a reasonably complete list of the writings of the author on the subject of Christian Education. FE 6.1

This book is sent forth with the hope that it may be of inestimable value to the hundreds of teachers who have not had the privilege of reading this instruction. May it also awaken renewed interest and study by those who may have read it before, and may we all be deeply moved to follow more faithfully in our daily practice the principles so clearly set forth. FE 6.2

General Conference Department of Education.