To Brother J. N. Andrews And Sister H. N. Smith


Dear Bro. Uriah,

While at Monterey we had a most powerful meeting; the Spirit of the Lord rested upon me. I was shown in vision many things—was shown the straightness of the way, the necessity of each understanding their own heart, the danger of deceiving themselves as to their true state, and be found wanting. I saw again the state of things in the Office, the cloud still hangs over it. All is not right there. PH016 25.1

I saw that the Lord had called you to occupy the place you are now in, and God has not released you. God has not selected or designed Bro. Waggoner for the Office, to occupy your place; there are serious objections to this. The Lord has laid upon James the duty of traveling a portion of the time, and he calls you to throw your whole soul into the work, be devoted to God, devoted to the work. Let your influence tell in the meeting, tell in the Office, and your soul will flourish, and a saving, gathering influence will be shed around. Dear brother, the Lord will help your lack. I saw that there has been expected more of you than they ought to expect, and that is not in you. It is not in you to take all that care, burden and responsibility that some others do. If you had been able to bear responsibility and care you could fully fill the place as an editor, and the care and responsibility would not be laid upon James. PH016 25.2

I saw that there has been feelings that James was too sensitive, too strong feeling; but I saw that some one must have the care, and feel, and feel strongly too, and more decidedly in the Office. There is danger of some expecting too much of you, and there is danger of your acting too little. PH016 26.1

I saw that James and Bro. Waggoner erred in not freely talking their fears to you. You were deceived as to their feelings, and acted under a mistaken idea of things, and you and Harriet were wrong in moving in such haste, without first getting a thorough understanding of the matter. Your action in the matter displeased God. You made a wrong move in introducing the matter where it should not be mentioned, when your past experience was sufficient to teach you the effect, that a great fire is kindled by a little matter. I saw if you break away from that Office [your] happiness and peace end. But where you lack now it is supplied, God has not released James from the Office; he has the care, responsibility and burden, and God has not released you from your place. I saw, like two brothers, true yoke-fellows, should you labor together, your interest one. You have shut up too much the interest to yourself; together should you labor, unitedly together should your hearts be knit, so close that Satan cannot get a wedge between you, united together can your interest tell, both working together in union. Your interest should not be divided. God is not pleased with this. You have no separate interest in that Office in the sight of God, your work is one, your interest one, and here you have been too close, not as united as you should be. PH016 26.2

I saw that the Lord has seen fit to bring Harriet in a place where she can work for the Lord, and help you, and I saw she must be on her watch, and help when it is needed, to speak a word in season when it is needed, a work right, and not on the wrong side. She must bear in mind that she can help, and be very cautious not to hinder. She will have trials, and if they are borne well she will not lose the reward. The Lord's eye is upon every doing, his eye sees every influence. PH016 27.1

Harriet, I saw that where you could hinder more than help is here. Let your mind be affected by any wrong influence, Uriah is affected by the same. You have watched John's opinions and views, and they have had more effect and influence with you than is due, and then the door is open for your views or understanding to affect Uriah. Here is a door open for the enemy to work, and you both must be on your guard. Satan will get in if he can. John is not standing in the light. PH016 27.2

I saw that you could have the blessing of God resting upon you, could live in the hearts of the people of God. You must with confidence and courage go forward, have faith in God, draw strength from Jesus. Unitedly you can serve him, unitedly obtain the victory, and unitedly share the reward. I saw that great was your privilege. You can enjoy sweet union with God; with child-like confidence can you rely upon him. PH016 27.3

And Harriet, you can by occupying a right position, living in the counsel of God, help Uriah more than any other one, and more than you think you can. Never act or talk on the doubtful side, but let the weight of your words and acts be to strengthen faith, to dispel doubts. You have not realized for years the responsibility that rests upon you. God has given you a taste of eternal joys to lead you on, to reach out, to hope, to elevate, and bring you closer to himself. God requires you to look to these manifestations of his love. These abundant blessings were for some special object. Where much is given, much will be required. If your influence is governed by the Spirit of God, you can do much good; if it is not sanctified by the Spirit of God, it will tell much on the wrong side. You have felt too much that it was but a small matter or but little consequence what you may say or do. Take heed. There is more importance attached to these things than you have thought of. The grace of God can sanctify and purify your judgment, and together can you labor for the interest of God's cause. PH016 27.4

E. G. White


Battle Creek,

October 8, 1857.

Dear Bro. Uriah and Sister Harriet,

While at Monterey I was shown that all did not realize the importance of the work in the Office. It was repeated to me what has been so often shown, that there must be a drawing near to God, a consecration to him that there has not been. I saw that you should not let your interest for each other in the least draw you from the work of God. That Holy, Sacred work, to you both should be the first and greatest work, and more dear than any thing else besides. And your interest and care should not be for each other, nor in the least interfere with your work in the Office. There is danger of this, and it has been somewhat so now—wrapped up too much in each other, and the glory of God not in view as it should have been. PH016 28.1

I saw that you could have the salvation of God, if you seek earnestly enough for it. I did not see that God was displeased by your marriage; by consecrating all to God, seeking the Spirit and power of God, your united efforts could better glorify God than you could separately. But there is danger of your living to each other; and if there is not an entire interest and an entire care for the paper, the Lord will remove you and have some one whose whole interest is swallowed up in the work. God wants that the only paper in the land bearing his solemn truth should come out right. A lack of the Spirit of God, or interest, is felt in the paper. If the salvation of God is with the one that writes for the paper, the same spirit will be felt by the reader. A piece written in the Spirit of God angels approbate, and impress the same upon the readers. But a piece written when the writer is not living wholly for the glory of God, not wholly devoted to him, angels feel the lack in sadness. They turn away and do not impress the reader with it because God and his Spirit are not in it. The words are good but it lacks the warm influence of the Spirit of God. PH016 29.1

I saw that there must not be a shunning of burdens. You must reprove wrong when you see it in those in the Office. I saw you were feeling discouraged. Uriah, I saw that you should overcome; when you are discouraged you can do nothing aright. With energy and courage take hold of the salvation of God. You can have his assisting grace, but you must wrestle for it. PH016 30.1

I saw that there was a feeling among the hands in the Office, too selfish. There must be a sacrificing spirit with every one. Their interest must be in the paper, that everything be just right about it, that there be no errors in it. PH016 30.2

I saw that God was not pleased with the hands in the Office. They are not enjoying the salvation of God, and they have but a faint realizing sense of the time in which we live, and what God requires of them. I saw that there should be a willingness to suffer some loss of time if their help is needed to hasten off the paper, in any little aid they can render, but the feeling has been with some, they cannot leave their particular part of the work. There must be a spirit of consecration and self-denial in the Office, and the greatest lack is the Spirit of God or salvation. There must be a change in that Office, a reformation, then the blessings of God will rest upon those in the Office. A care, I saw should rest with weight upon every one, especially yourself, that the paper be free from errors or mistakes. God is displeased with his work being marred with so much imperfection. PH016 30.3

E. G. White