Testimonies on Fair Dealing and Book Royalties


A Principle Involved

From a letter to A. R. Henry, written from Basel, March 26, 1886. PH102 17.2

My much respected brother, I wish to say that I have no selfish motives in claiming the royalty on my books, but I consider that there is a principle involved which affects not only my own rights, but the individual rights of others, which the Lord would have me guard. I have a duty to do in this matter, which my brethren do not comprehend or take in, because of a lack of far-seeing judgment. PH102 17.3

All that I receive in royalty on foreign books is dedicated to foreign missions. When I see how difficult it is for my good brethren to outgrow narrow plans and narrow ideas in some things connected with our work, I feel that I can understand, through the light God has given me, where means is really needed; and I do not mean to pass my stewardship on to my brethren, even if it is their judgment that I should do this. I dare not leave it to their judgment to apply this means. PH102 18.1

I do not mean that the means that should justly come to me shall be under control of any board of directors. I might see necessities, and often do, that some minds composing your board would not see.... I know perfectly well what I am about, and I know that I should control the means God has made me steward of. All is the Lord's. PH102 18.2