An Appeal for the Madison School

The Work at Madison not to be Hindered

The workers at Madison have devised and planned and sacrificed in order to carry the school there on right lines, but the work has been greatly delayed. The Lord guided in the selection of the farm at Madison, and He desires it to be managed on right lines, that others, learning from the workers there, may take up a similar work, and conduct it in a like manner. PH119 3.3

In the work being done at the training-school for home and foreign missionary teachers in Madison, Tennessee, and in the small schools established by the teachers who have gone forth from Madison, we have an illustration of one way in which the message should be carried in many, many places. PH119 3.4

Brethren Sutherland and Magan should be encouraged to solicit means for the support of their work. It is the privilege of these brethren to receive gifts from any of the people whom the Lord impresses to help. They should have means—God's means with which to work. The Madison enterprise has been crippled in the past, but now it must go forward. If this work had been regarded in the right light, and had been given the help it needed, we should long ere this have had a prosperous work at Madison. Our people are to be encouraged to give of their means to this work which is preparing students in a sensible and creditable way to go forth into neglected fields to proclaim the soon coming of Christ. PH119 3.5

Now a modest sanitarium is being erected, and a more commodious school-building. These are necessary to carry on aright the work of education. In the past, Brethren Sutherland and Magan have used their tact and ability in raising means for the good of the cause as a whole. Now the time has come when these faithful workers should receive from their brethren, the Lord's stewards, the means that they need to carry on successfully the work of the Madison school and the little Madison sanitarium. PH119 4.1

I appeal to our brethren to whom the Lord has entrusted the talent of means: Will you not help the workers at Madison, who have been instrumental in raising means for many enterprises? As the Lord's messenger, I ask you to help the Madison school now. This is its time of need. The money which you possess is the Lord's entrusted capital. It should be held in readiness to answer the calls in places where the Lord has need of it. PH119 4.2

The necessities of the Madison school call for immediate help. Brethren, work while the day lasts; for the night cometh, when no man can work. PH119 4.3

May 25, 1908.

Ellen G. White