An Appeal for the Madison School

The Value of an All-Round Education

The class of education given at the Madison school is such as will be accounted a treasure of great value by those who take up missionary work in foreign fields. If many more in other schools were receiving a similar training, we as a people would be a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men. The message would be quickly carried to every country, and souls now in darkness would be brought to the light. PH119 2.2

It would have been pleasing to God if, while the Madison school has been doing its work, other such schools had been established in different parts of the Southern field. There is plenty of land lying waste in the South that might have been improved as the land about the Madison school has been improved. The time is soon coming when God's people, because of persecution, will be scattered in many countries. Those who have received an all-round education will have a great advantage wherever they are. The Lord reveals divine wisdom in thus leading His people to train all their faculties and capabilities for the work of disseminating truth. PH119 2.3