Words of Encouragement to Self-supporting Workers


The Reward of Those Who Work in These Hard Places

To those who are connected with our various school enterprises in the South, I would say: Let not a single hand be laid upon you to say, “You cannot do this work; you must not spend your time in this way.” Time! It is God's time, and we have a right to work for the needy and the distressed, and especially for the colored people. If we continue to labor in faith and humility, God will reveal that his righteousness goes before us, and the glory of the Lord will be our rearward. As we try to follow on to know the Lord, we shall learn that his going forth is prepared as the morning. You have been gaining an understanding of this, have you not, since you have been here? PH113 15.1

In the beginning, you did not have the bright light of day appear in all the encouraging lines; but God is working, and he will continue to work. Persevere in the humble course that you have been taking, to prepare the way for the Lord to work. PH113 15.2

God desires that every man shall stand in his lot and in his place, and not feel as if the work was too hard. Why, he is ready to give you strength. He has granted me strength all along the way as we have journeyed eastward. He gave me strength to speak to the people as we visited place after place. At College View, Neb., I spoke on the Sabbath to two thousand people. The glory of the Lord rested upon us. PH113 15.3

Now, my dear friends, who will be laborers together with God? Who will take up the burden of service? Who will see those that are afar off, having a hard time, and knowing nothing of the truth? Who will bring them in? Who will use their efforts to make them sons and daughters of God? When you enter within the gates into the city, and the crown of life is placed upon your brow, and on the brows of the very ones you have worked to save, they will cast themselves upon your neck, and say, “It was you that saved my soul; I should have perished if you had not saved me from myself. You had to take a good while; but you were patient with me, and won me to a knowledge of the truth.” PH113 15.4

And then, as they lay their crowns at the feet of Jesus, and touch the golden harps that have been placed in their hands, and unite in praising and glorifying their Redeemer; and they realize that theirs is the great blessing of life, everlasting life, there will be rejoicing indeed. And oh, the thought that we may be instrumental, under God, in helping to show men and women the way of salvation, while living on this earth! PH113 16.1