Words of Encouragement to Self-supporting Workers


The Madison School Trains Teachers for the Highland Schools and Family Mission Schools

Nearly five years ago, when we were searching for a site on which to locate a training-school near Nashville, we visited this plantation that was afterwards secured; and I remember that when we first saw the place, we planned to go over it in carriages, some in one direction, and some in another, and we looked to God to impress our minds as to whether this were the place he wished us to choose for a training-center. For a time, the prospect looked forbidding; nevertheless, the plantation was secured, and the work was begun. The Lord would have the influence of this school widely extended by means of the establishment of small mission schools in needy settlements in the hills, where consecrated teachers may open the Scriptures to hungry souls, and let the light of life shine forth to those that are in darkness. PH113 3.3

This is the very work that Christ did. He traveled from place to place, and labored for souls. And who was he?—The One equal with the Father. The Lord Jesus has set us an example. As you engage in school work in these needy communities, do not let any man come in to discourage you by saying, “Why do you spend your time in this way? Why not do a larger and more important work in a broader field?” Some, it is true, must plan to look forward to the time when they will do a large work in response to general calls; but who will attend to the highways? Who will go into the hedges? There are those that Christ will move upon, and they will see the necessity of entering neglected portions of the vineyard. They will delight to open the Scriptures to those that are in darkness and do not understand the truth. This is the very work that is to be done. Let every one of us stand in our lot and in our place. And if there are those whom the Lord moves upon to give themselves to the neglected portions of the vineyard, let no man seek to turn them away from their appointed work. If those who know the truth, conceal from others the great light that has shined into their own hearts, they are held accountable for neglecting their duty. PH113 4.1

We feel an earnest interest in these schools. There is a wide field before us in the establishment of family mission schools. Let those who feel the burden of souls resting upon them, go out and do house-to-house work, and teach the people precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little, gradually leading them into the full light of Bible truth. This is what we had to do in the early days of the message. As earnest efforts are put forth, the Lord will let his blessing rest upon the workers, and rest upon those who are seeking for an understanding of the truth as it is in the Word of God. PH113 5.1

There are precious truths, glorious truths, in God's Word, and it is our privilege to bring these truths before the people. In those parts of the field where many cannot attend meetings far away from their homes, we can bring the truth, to them personally, and can work with them in simplicity. PH113 5.2