Loma Linda’s Work


A New Understanding of the Medical Work

“At Loma Linda there is to come to the physicians and to the teachers new ideas, a new understanding of the principles that must govern the medical work. An education is to be given that is altogether in harmony with the teachings of the word of God. PH049 9.1

“It is a lack of faith in the power of God that leads our physicians to lean so much upon the arm of the law, and to trust so much to the influence of worldly powers. PH049 9.2

“Loma Linda has been specified to me as a very important place, and one which demands the best Bible teacher we can supply. There are promising youth who are to be qualified to fill important positions in the work. They should have the best class of instructors, and capable Bible teachers who understand the truths of the word. The truth and righteousness revealed in the word of God is to be the stronghold of our workers. PH049 9.3