Loma Linda’s Work


Physicians to Pass State Boards

Question: “Are we to understand from what you have written concerning the school at Loma Linda, that we are to establish a thoroughly equipped medical school, the graduates from which shall be able to take state board examinations, and become registered qualified physicians?” PH049 4.7

In response to this question, Sister White wrote: PH049 5.1

“The light given me is: We must provide that which is essential to qualify our youth who desire to be physicians, so that they may intelligently fit themselves to be able to stand the examinations essential to prove their efficiency as physicians. They are to be prepared to stand the essential tests required by law, and to treat understandingly the cases of those who are diseased, so that the door will be closed for any sensible physician to fear that we are not giving in our school the instruction essential for the proper qualification of a physician. PH049 5.2