Loma Linda’s Work


No Carelessness in Work or Study

“Students should go as far as possible in thought, training and intelligent enterprise; but they should never infringe upon a rule, never disregard one principle that has been interwoven into the upbuilding of the institution. The dropping down is easy enough; the disregard of regulations is natural to the heart inclined to selfish ease and gratification. It is much easier to tear down than to build up. One student with careless ideas may do more to let down the standard than ten men with all their efforts can do to counteract the demoralizing influence. PH049 16.1

“Failure of success will be read in the course the students pursue. If they stand ready to question rules and regulations and order, if they indulge self, and by their example encourage a spirit of rebellion, give them no place. The institution might better close its doors than to suffer this spirit to leaven the helpers and break down the barriers that it has cost thought, effort and prayer to establish. PH049 16.2

“In training workers to care for the sick, let the student be impressed with the thought that his highest aim should always be to look after the spiritual welfare of his patients. He could learn to repeat the promises of God's word, and to offer fervent prayers daily while preparing for service. Help him to realize that he is always to keep the sweetening, sanctifying influence of the great medical Missionary before his patients. If those who are suffering can be impressed with the fact that Christ is their sympathizing compassionate Saviour, they will have rest of mind, which is so essential to recovery of health.” PH049 16.3