Loma Linda’s Work


God-Fearing Physicians Speak Modestly

“God-fearing physicians speak modestly of their work; but novices with limited experience in dealing with the bodies and souls of men will often speak boastingly of their knowledge and attainments. These need better understanding of themselves; then they would become more intelligent in regard to their duties, and would realize that in every department where they have to labor, they must possess a willing mind and earnest spirit and a hearty unselfish zeal in trying to do others good. They will not study how best to preserve their dignity, but by thoughtfulness and caretaking will earn a reputation for thoroughness and exactitude, and by sympathetic ministry will gain the hearts of those whom they serve. PH049 12.3

“In the medical profession there are many skeptics and atheists who exalt the works of God above the God of science. Comparatively few of those who enter worldly medical colleges come out from them pure and unspotted. They have failed to become elevated, ennobled, sanctified. Material things eclipse the heavenly and eternal. With many, religious faith and principles are mingled with worldly customs and practices, and pure and undefiled religion is rare.... PH049 13.1

“Let not medical students be deceived by the wiles of the devil or by any of his cunning pretexts which so many adopt to beguile and ensnare. Stand firm to principle. At every step inquire, What saith the Lord? Say firmly, I will follow the light. I will respect and honor the Majesty of truth.... PH049 13.2