Ms 4, 1871

Ms 4, 1871

Testimony Concerning Brother Shepley and Sister Rickford

Battle Creek, Michigan

c. 1871

Previously unpublished.

While on my recent visit to Greenville I recollected the countenances of Brother Shepley and Sister Rickford. They were presented before me among that class who were deceived by the enemy. They profess the truth, but unless they are converted to the truth and sanctified through the truth they will bring a reproach upon the cause of God. The testimony I bore to the people was upon general principles. I hoped that this would be enough for them, and that they would see and feel the wrong course pursued by them without my being more definite. 2LtMs, Ms 4, 1871, par. 1

The young woman who lives with them is not right. Right motives do not actuate her in living as she does in that family. She is careless of her deportment and pursues a course toward that man, the husband of another, that no modest, virtuous female would be guilty of. There is an unholy attachment, a bond of union, that leads to evil and only evil. The attention that Sister Rickford gives Brother Shepley is wrong. Such attention should come only from the wife to her lawful husband. 2LtMs, Ms 4, 1871, par. 2

These two profess to believe in the commandments of God, yet they are violating them and are law breakers. 2LtMs, Ms 4, 1871, par. 3

The conduct of Shepley toward Sister Rickford is censurable. Her conduct toward him is wrong. She knows this. She knows she is guilty before God. Shepley is not faithful, affectionate and kind to his true, lawful wife. The case of these two is grievous in the sight of God. They are constantly inviting the temptations of Satan. Such lightness, trifling, joking, sporting and nonsense is sinful. If this was all—but it is not all. Deep and grievous sins are written against them. Not only the church should be aroused, but the neighborhood feel over this matter and should denounce these things which are a disgrace to the community. 2LtMs, Ms 4, 1871, par. 4