The Internship Period

Young Workers Moving Into Line—There are conscientious young men who are preparing to move into line, to strengthen the outposts. If they walk humbly with God, He will talk with them, and instruct them. To them I would say, Work where you are, doing what you can to pass along the truth which is so precious to you. Preserve simplicity, and then, when there are vacancies to be filled, you will hear the words, Friend, come up higher. You may be reluctant to advance, but move forward with trust in God, bringing into His work a fresh, honest experience and a heart filled with the faith that works by love and purifies the soul. As you thirst for the water of life, ask Christ for it, and He will give you to drink of the water of life freely. He will be to you a well of water, springing up into everlasting life.—Letter 9, 1899. Ev 682.3

Much Depends on Beginning Right—The usefulness of young men who feel that they are called by God to preach, depends much upon the manner in which they enter upon their labors. Those who are chosen of God for the work of the ministry will give proof of their high calling, and by every possible means will seek to develop into able workmen.—The Acts of the Apostles, 353 (1911). Ev 683.1

Begin Work in Association With Older Ministers—In gaining a preparation for the ministry, young men should be associated with older ministers. Those who have gained an experience in active service are to take young, inexperienced workers with them into the harvest field, teaching them how to labor successfully for the conversion of souls. Kindly and affectionately these older workers are to help the younger ones to prepare for the work to which the Lord may call them. And the young men in training should respect the counsel of their instructors, honoring their devotion, and remembering that their years of labor have given them wisdom.... Ev 683.2

Let the older workers be educators, keeping themselves under the discipline of God. Let the young men feel it a privilege to study under older workers, and let them carry every burden that their youth and experience will allow. Thus Elijah educated the youth of Israel in the schools of the prophets; and young men today are to have a similar training. It is not possible to advise in every particular the part that the youth should act; but they should be faithfully instructed by the older workers, and taught to look ever to Him who is the author and finisher of our faith.—Gospel Workers, 101, 102 (1915). Ev 683.3

To Work With, but Not Copy, Experienced Workers—The inexperienced ones should not be sent out alone. They should stand right by the side of older and experienced ministers, where they could educate them. But they should say to them, “You must not copy my gestures, nor the tone of my voice, so that nobody will know whether you are speaking or whether I am speaking. You are to stand in your own armor, with your own phase of character, sanctified by God. You are not to take my phase of character, nor my gestures, nor my tone of voice, nor my expressions, nor my words.” Ev 684.1

I think this has been shown me twenty times in my lifetime, and I have tried to tell it to the brethren, but the evil is not remedied. When one of these men who have not an experience in the work stands by your side he is not to think in everything just as you think, and look at everything just as you look at it; that if you should give up the truth he would say, “I might as well give it up.” Let them stand to obtain a symmetry of character from the God of heaven; not that they should have your ideas, and you have a molding influence on them; but you should carry them right to the Bible as their pattern. The importance of these things has been shown me so many times that I feel a burden on this point.—Manuscript 19b, 1890. Ev 684.2

Not to Repress or Discourage New Workers—God never designed that one man's judgment and plans should be regarded as supreme. He says, Ye are laborers together with God. Let no man undertake to repress or discourage. Let him not seek to put his armor upon his brother, for he has not proved it.... And the ministers are never to copy any man's gestures, his habits, his attitude, his expressions, the tones of his voice. They are to become no man's shadow, in thought, in sentiment, or in devising and executing the great whole. If God has made you a shepherd of the flock, He has given you qualification to do that work.—Manuscript 104, 1898. Ev 685.1

Young Men Called to Front-Line Service—Men of gray hairs should walk circumspectly and should give the young men who are seeking to grow, every opportunity to come to the front. The older men should not feel it any dishonor to them for younger men, who must use their capabilities and who must fill their individual places and become men to be relied on, to come to the front. Those who are older should encourage the young to develop their talents. Ev 685.2

We need men who will take hold of the work as if they meant it. The younger men must be given opportunities to develop.—Letter 97, 1896. Ev 685.3

To Be Given Recognition—He condescended to bring His disciples before the large numbers to give them reputation that many would recognize in their workings that they worked as Christ had. The very deeds of mercy given by our Lord will open a door for His disciples.—Letter 252, 1906. Ev 685.4

Young Workers in School of Discipline—Let us treat with respect the younger members of the Lord's family. The young men just entering the ministry may make many mistakes, but the older ministers are not free from errors, notwithstanding the years they have been laboring. The Lord will take these younger men in hand Himself, sometimes afflicting them and permitting them to suffer for their mistakes, but never forsaking them. He gives them opportunity to become members of the royal family, children of the heavenly King.—Manuscript 127, 1902. Ev 685.5

Young Men Called to the Harvest Field—The Lord calls upon young men to enter the harvest field and work diligently as harvest hands. He calls upon them to work for Him, not to labor with the churches already established, but to connect with experienced laborers in work in the great harvest field. Let young men of ability go forth and trade on their talents. As they go, let them trust to the guidance of the Lord.... Ev 686.1

This is the work young men should be encouraged to do, not to speak to an audience which does not need their immature labors, which is well aware of this fact, and feels no drawing of the Spirit. The Lord has not given to young men the work among the churches. Their first duty is to learn lessons in various lines from the great Teacher.... Ev 686.2

What did Christ say to His disciples? “If any man serve Me, let him follow Me.” This is the rule given in the Word of God. By studying the life of Christ, let the workers find out how He lived and worked. Let them strive each day to live the life of Christ, seeking to know the way of the Lord.—Manuscript 75, 1900. Ev 686.3

After Twelve Months’ Trial—To those whom He calls to the work of the ministry, the Lord will give tact and skill and understanding. If after laboring for twelve months in evangelistic work, a man has no fruit to show for his efforts, if the people for whom he has labored are not benefited, if he has not lifted the standard in new places, and no souls are converted by his labors, that man should humble his heart before God, and endeavor to know if he has not mistaken his calling. The wages paid by the conference should be given to those who show fruit for their labor. The work of the one who recognizes God as his efficiency, who has a true conception of the value of souls, whose heart is filled with the love of Christ, will be fruitful.—Manuscript 26, 1905. Ev 686.4